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Getica , Vasile Parvan 1982

book title: Getica, O Protoistorie a Daciei ( lucrare insotita de 462 figuri, 43 planse si 4 harti)
Author : Vasile Parvan (1882-1927)
Year 1882 (100 years anniversay) Editura Meridiane
pages 608 with 462 pictures + 43 plates + 4 maps (3.5lb or 1.5Kg)
hard cover, dust jacket, like new; unread
size: 10.6"x8.25" x 1.75" (27cm x 21cm x4.5cm)

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Moldova Album book title: Moldova, Printed in Rebpublic of Moldoca, Chisinau, 1998
Lanaguage: Romanian, English, French; Pages 156. Hard cover; size 9"x9"
Pictures 160: views, buildings, peasant houses, churches, monasteries; people, folk costumes, rugs, pottery, natures, jewelry, more. Weight 1 bl-6 oz.
ISBN 978-9975-74-166-8
moldova Peasant house Moldova folk costume Moldova Rug Moldova Pottery Moldova Monastery Moldova ceramics

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Targoviste book title:
Targoviste, Old Romanian Medieval Town, Vlad-the-Impaller's Capital.

Printed in Romania, 1999. Illustrated color 100+ pictures. Pages 84. Size 9"x9.7"; ISBN 973-98935-5-4.
targoviste targoviste vlad the impaler targoviste targoviste targoviste
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Romanian Medieval Embroidery / La Broderie Roumanie ancienne book title: La Broderie Roumaine Ancienne
book title, translation: Romanian Medieval Embroidery
content: Romanian Embroideries from 1600- 1800's. Kings clothes; funeral dresses and wraps (coffin cover) more. Included techniques, type of stitches
language: French; hard cover + dust jacket; condition: good, size 10"x14"
year 1985, pages 68 text + 153 illustrations, color and B&W; weight 3 lbs
la broderie roumanie ancienne / Medieval Romanian Embroidery la broderie roumanie ancienne Medieval Romanian Embroidery

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arta populara romaneasaca 1981 petrescu
--title: Arta Populara Romaneasca (Romanian Folk Art ) language : Romanian
--authors Paul Petrescu, Georgeta Stoica . Hard cover, dust jacket
--pages 276; size 9.75"x8.5"x1" ; weight 2.5 lb; illustrations 387
--houses - exterior, interior; ceramic, rugs, folk painting, folk costumes, masks, tools, occupations,
arta populara romaneasca petrescu 981 arta populara romaneasca petresu 1981 arta populara romaneasca 1981 petrescu arta populara romaneasca petrescu 1981 arta populara romaneasca petrescu 1981

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